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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 102

Posted 4th July 2020 at 21:00 by Cormack
Pleasant working day today, Mum is in day one of recovery, I was allowed a shop with Mrs C (got mustard and a sourdough loaf, have pastrami, that's tomorrow sorted) and my son completely bamboozled me by bowling spin at nets - he has a slight strain on his back and so wheeled his arm over. The bamboozling was down to him bowling finger spin.

I'll explain. They have a prodigious leggie in the juniors from whom they all have learnt how to. This I knew and have seen. However, when he rolled up and bowled an off break with an action that looked like he'd been bowling them all his life and varying across the board - wrist, finger and an arm ball one of which, I kid you not, was a perfectly disguised offy that was in fact a leg cutter. The kid he did with it did a full-on Gatting/Warne and came down to ask him what happened there, what did you do? I wasn't going to get involved, he was thinking about what he was doing, varying flight, bounce, turn and doing it well enough for me to not ruin it. There's a nine-a-side pick'em tournament planned for when playing is back on the menu, maybe a couple of weeks off. Looking forward to seeing him get some game time (my shoulder sadly precludes me).

Recommending listening - The Byrds, Turn! Turn! Turn!

Don't judge me...

Another deep clean of the fryer in the offing (CHIP DAY! imminent) so the last hurrah for the oil was battered sausages - the boy and I are both big fans, he because he likes a bit of battered food now and again but he loves sausages, me because I grew up in the seventies and it's a rare treat to go back to a time when Liverpool were league and European champions... We have the meaty Costco sausages on hand so that's a wonderful window of opportunity opened. They were phenomenal. Worked out how to do them to best effect and have the obligatory chips and curry fresh out at the same time. I could work for Roy Cropper, nae bother.

Stay well
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