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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 101

Posted 3rd July 2020 at 23:43 by Cormack
Late in with checking in. #101 was the day Mum had her surgery, three pins in and a lucid late evening call post recovery, which looks promising. Ideally they ship her back to the other hospital because it's more convenient for all, it's a better indicator of her wellbeing and start of recovery, the food is better and most importantly, she can wear her own fatigues.

I'll keep on keeping on here, I think. The rousing demands on here to continue, well it's only fair. However, my lockdown is extended to 31/07 so there's another four weeks of this minimum, it is a bit of therapy in itself and the movie rights haven't sold yet.

Chip day incoming on #103 so there'll be batter in play on #102 and homemade burgers tonight post-Costco. The start of the month does have its positives... By then I should be the proud owner of a set of silicon(e) spatulas/spatulae and a small mandolin(e) for chopping, grating and all shades in between. I am inordinately excited by this. Mrs C built an IKEA desk while I cooked last night - maybe today was the day I should have put up James - Laid

Recommended listening - Johnny Cash, Hurt

For all his body of work, this is outstanding. After JC covered this, I believe Trent Reznor was frequently berated for stealing/covering a Cash song... Nine Inch Nails' very own Matthews Final. Up there with Eloise as a track where the cover is so ascribed.

Had a pretty good day.

Stay well.
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