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The Lockdown Diary - DAY 112

Posted 14th July 2020 at 21:20 by Cormack
Back to the working week. I was shot to pieces today, aches and pains everywhere and skin not exactly a whiter shade of pale.

Recommended listening - Procol Harum, A Whiter Shade of Pale

Yeah, sue me.

Mum is up for a cast removal and assessment on Wednesday, fingers crossed for a move so she's at least nearer home and able to wear her own kit.

Son is bubbling with enthusiasm over the cricket and had another good net in the evening, he's now digging stuff out he was susceptible to playing over and he can stretch his back again. One of the seniors was there as well giving him some tips and another lad, very talented and a lad he shares a lot of notes with, has developed a bit of a net relationship with him where they're both thinking deeply about each other's game and it's an absorbing duel to watch.

Daughter has socially distanced booster jabs at school #113 and son has a last day in on #115. I have a set of samples needed at hospital, I may arrange it on the latter.

Stay well
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